1. The undertakings, warranties, indemnities & waivers as herein set out are furnished in favour of Buff and Fellow Pty Ltd, Tramonto Functions Venue, Ultreya Farm,  and the owners and operators in Buff and Fellow, Tramonto & Ultreya Farm. ("the Reserve") and the directors, shareholders, principles, employees, contractors and agents of all of the aforementioned (collectively and severally "the indemnitees")

  2. That entry to the Reserve and Cabins is at own risk, the cabins being situated in the reserve, a Big 5 wildlife area, and that I ("the guest") am fully aware of the dangers and risks arising due to the presence of wild animals, reptiles, birds and insects ("wildlife)

  3. I acknowledge that I will be participating in activities in and around the cabins and on the Reserve which are inherently dangerous, including, but not limited to, the viewing and exposure of and to the wildlife, from open and/or closed vehicles, bush walks and on foot, canoeing & fishing and I understand and accept the risks inherent in these activities, and acceptance of risks extends to thoise accompanying me for whom i am responsible

  4. I confirm my general health and physical condition are good and there is noting that renders me unfit to undertake any activities, including, but not limited to game drives, canoeing, fishing and farm activities.

  5. I understand and accept that the indemnitees, including their insurers, are not liable should I in any way suffer any physical injury, illness or other harm or death, or should any of my personal property (including any vehicle and\or the contents thereof) be lost, stolen or damaged.

  6. I accordingly herby indemnify the Indemnitees, including their insures, and hold them harmless with respect to any personal injury, harm, death, loss or damage of property (including vehicles), as above referred to howsoever arsing in, on or about the cabins and/or the Reserve, and whether or not due to any negligence (act or omission) on the part of the Indemnitees, or otherwise ("indemnified occurrence")

  7. I waive and abandon any claims which I, my dependents, executers or curators. may at any time have against the indemnitees, arising out of or in connection with any indemnified occurrence

  8. Details of any minors (persons under the age of 18) who accompany me, whether members of my family or otherwise, are set out below, and the indemnities herin referred to extend to any indemnified occurrence involving any such minors.

  9. In the event of an indemnified occurrence, any assistance provided by any Indemnitee shall not be regarded as an admission of liability, all costs with regards to such assistance, including medical assistance, being the sole responsibility of the Guest.

  10. As per Protection of Personal Information Act, your details supplied will nor be used for any direct marketing, third party or related communication, should you not opt in where specified.

I (the guest) confirm that I have read the aforementioned document and understand the content thereof, and further I am convenes with the English Language.